SW Hydrographics Price List


Automotive, Motorcycles, ATV

Valve Covers (2)    $120

Intake    $240

Truck Mirrors (2)   $100                           

Car Mirrors (2)   $90   

Air Breather      $70    

Center Consoles start at    $70                     

Fender Flare - Each   $45

Tail Light Covers (2)  $30

Door Handles (2)   $30

Bug Deflectors   $85

Vent Visor (each)  $35

Hub Caps (All 4) $160

Wheel Center Caps (1)   $20

ATV & Golf Cart Rims (all 4)  $120

Motorcycle Gas Tank  $200

Outer Fairing  $550

Inner Fairing   $270

Rear Fender   $140

Front Fender  $90

Side Cover Plates  $25-$50

Motorcycle Half-Helmet (no face shield)  $70

Full FaceHelmet $95

Cleaning Fee  $25

charged for extremely dirty or greasy parts

Sports & Outdoor Equipment

Hockey Helmet          $45

Goalie Mask              $60

Batters Helmet          $40

Catchers Helmet       $100


ALL guns must come disassembled and ready to dip

Complete Rifle (trigger guard,trigger,bolt not included)  $180

Stock Only   $85

Thumbhole Stock  $95

Tactical Stock  $95

Barrel Only   $75

Receiver Only  $60

Magazine   $25

Cleaning Fee  $25

charged for extremely dirty or greasy parts


ALL skulls must be cleaned and bleached, ready to be dipped!

Deer Skull              $70

Bear Skull              $80  

Elk or Moose         $100   

Fox, Coyote           $60      


ALL guns must come disassembled and ready to dip

Complete Gun (triggier guard, trigger not included)                  $170

Over & Under or Double Barrel Complete Gun                          $190

Stock and Forearm  $100

Stock Only               $70

Forearm Only          $55

Barrel Only (singles)  $70

Barrel (over&under o/double barrel  $85

Receiver Only          $70

Cleaning Fee  $25
charged for extremely dirty or greasy parts

      Archery Equipment

ALL bows must come disassembled and ready to dip!

Complete Bow (riser, Limbs)   $160

Deluxe Bow (Riser, limbs, cams, quiver, stabilizer)                                 $200

Riser Only                               $80

Limbs Only (2)                        $80

Cams Only  (2)                       $40

Quiver  (top only)                    $30

Stabilizer (up to 12")               $30

Stabilizer  (12 - 16")                $35

Stabilizer (over 16") add $2 per inch

Crossbows (without scope)    $175


Xbox/PS3 Console (shell)       $100   

Game Controller (shell)           $30

Toilet Seat (both sides)           $50

Complete Toilet Seat/Lid         $90

Hard Hat                                $50

Welding Helmet                     $65

Mail Box                                 $50

Knife  Blades (up to 5")          $40 

Knife Blades (over 5")            $50

Knife Grips                             $30

Glasses (set of 2)                  $30

Call for custom quotes on anything you don't see listed here. We can dip anything metal, plastic, wood, etc.

* Our shop costs are 50¢ a square inch for larger items like grills and dashboards. To figure out the price, measure square inches and times it by 50   (length x height= then times 50) If you are not sure if you have the correct price, please call or email us with measurements and we'll be happy to assist you. Example: Dashboard is 30" long and 11" wide: (30x11=330x.50=$165)

Gun Accessories

Rings   $30

Chokes   $25

Flip Caps  $25

Scopes   $70


Note: Scopes will have to be fully submerged in water -no warranty will be issued. Scope waiver form required.

50% Deposit Required

Deposit is Non-Refundable



* ALL prices are a starting point ONLY as no two parts are the same! ALL parts must be viewed before a final price is given....

Gift Certificates Available!